The Massachuetts Midwives Alliance

Midwifery Studies Course




The Basic Course in Midwifery            download our brochure 


Since 1982, the Massachusetts Midwives Alliance (MMA) has provided an honored pathway towards the professions of midwifery, doula work, and childbirth education, as well as assisting women in reclaiming what birth can be in the United States. 

Through hands on learning that values empirical knowledge, current peer-reviewed research and an evidence-based standard-of-care, the MMA brings a balanced, in-depth, and well rounded education to women seeking a comprehensive understanding of the child-bearing year. The course provides instruction in midwifery and the didactic foundation for apprenticeship. The MMA holds that the model of apprenticeship combined with thorough didactic study is an excellent standard for entering the midwifery field. 



This is a rigorous course instructed by practicing midwives from across Massachusetts who bring alive a vast array of material. Intensive whole day classes are held twice a month and cover subjects from the legacy of midwives, pregnancy, labor, postpartum, herbal and alternative remedies, testing, complications, to business and much more.  This class includes a Doula weekend training, CPR and NNR Certification, and instruction in a wide range of practical skills. Being self motivated and ready to learn and share are the only prerequisites.